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Cushioning: The Comfortable Lie

Desiree ColemanComment

If you’re around shoe wearers enough (hint: that’s all people), you’ll often hear the line, “They’re so soft!” Friends, cushioning is a comfort illusion. Shoes that boast about cushioning and walking on clouds aren’t all bad, but cushioning alone is like letting your feet go off on vacation while the rest of your body suffers. (Oh, and eventually, your feet will too.)

Whether you’re on the job or around the house, finding comfort in more supportive footwear will provide lasting benefits and keep your feet – and joints – happy around the clock.

What We Recommend

If you love slipping into something cushiony, we recommend brands like Merrell, SAS, and New Balance that build extra special, shock absorbent components into the foot beds and soles of their shoes. What distinguishes them from – dare I say – Sketchers, is the other components that make up the shoes: the subtle, built-in arch support; the soles that are built to last and molded to support your spine; the toe boxes with extra depth and width for your toes to wiggle and breathe; the materials that stand the test of time. 

Your shoes don’t just spare your feet from the grime and germs of the pavement when you’re out and about. Quality footwear provides a myriad of benefits to your posture, mobility, stability, and foot health. Until you step into a comfort shoe that isn’t made to fool you into thinking you’re comfortable, but is truly built to support your feet and body from the ground up, you probably won’t understand all the benefits I speak of.  So, let’s peel back the illusion that Dr. Scholls and Aerosoles (gasp!) has convinced us is comfort and take a trip your whole body will enjoy.

Disclaimer: For patients of diabetic neuropathy and other delicate conditions, cushioning may provide enormous relief. Find a footwear professional you can trust to discover the best pair of shoes for you.