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A Winning Combination

Desiree ColemanComment

What makes a good shoe great?

The answer is simple, but understanding it requires a deeper knowledge of what footwear does for our bodies.


No matter how active you are, footwear is made to support your body throughout the day. Whether you’re up and down from your desk, traipsing around job sites, or rather sedentary, your footwear can cater to your body’s needs. It not only separates your bare feet from the ground you walk on, but can contribute a number of other benefits like proper body alignment, joint relief, and shock absorbency.


It goes without saying that comfort is a major factor in the shoes we wear. Either they’re comfortable or they aren’t. While many wearers don’t make comfort the defining factor in choosing their shoes, they should. The comfort factor combines the proper fit, materials, style, and other components to ultimately provide a pleasant wearing experience. For some, comfort is defined by how supportive a shoe feels and the comprehensive effects throughout the body; whereas others seek lots of cushioning. Shopping tip: a happy medium is important.


Your shoes do more than support your body. They offer function depending on the activity you’re engaging in. For example, if you’re wearing slippers indoors, you’d want them to keep your feet warm and provide traction. If you’re going to the gym and plan on doing the circuit, you want a shoe that provides lateral support for quick side to side motion and an absorbent sole that relieves shock from your joints.  Choosing the right shoes means not only finding the right fit, but the style that caters to your life.

What have we learned?

Together, you and your shoes can be a winning combination. If you have shoes you love but they lack the comfort and support we’ve talked about, consider getting an iStep Analysis to learn about the orthotic options for you. The Aetrex Lynco line of ready-to-wear orthotics is a great, affordable option to make a good shoe great.

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