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Comfort Doesn't Have to be a Compromise

Desiree ColemanComment

Let me start by saying… I know. I know you cringe at your grandmother’s Velcro walking shoes and pray that you’ll never be in shiny, ventilated, “practical” footwear. You hope there will never be a day your dainty little feet will become misshapen and outgrow your favorite blue suede pumps. You’re really hoping you can keep throwing on $2 flip-flops from the big box store and running out to get groceries without a care.

I’ll stop you right there – right at easy-breezy $2 flip-flips in every color. What you may not realize is that even though you aren’t bound to special shoes by some medical or physical necessity, you’re expediting the process with ½” of foam and a plastic, made-in-China toe strap supporting your every step.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m 25 years old and I’ve been wearing comfort footwear for 7 years. No, I didn’t have to. Yes, I choose to. Why? Why would I give away the best shoe years of my life to cork footbeds and adjustable straps? It’s simple. Comfort doesn’t have to be a compromise.

The truth is, the place you’ll feel the most compromise is your wallet. But just for a minute, because as soon as you grab your keys and head out the door in your new, perfectly-fitting, memory foam-soled shoes, you’ll forget all about the cost differential and realize you invested in more than something to separate your bare feet from the concrete. You’ve given new life to your joints, aided your body’s alignment, and guaranteed a great new addition to your wardrobe for years to come. That’s right… years! Spending a little more – and not on the “name” but the quality – means getting more time out of your favorite shoes.  Trust me, no one likes to part with supple, softened leather molded right to the sole of their foot.

As I was saying, comfort doesn’t have to be a compromise. Let’s take NAOT for example – a longstanding manufacturer of quality, comfort footwear, specializing in moldable cork footbeds and the softest leathers. NAOT is also known for fun, new finishes to their leather uppers, which make every season more interesting. The difference between the ½” that separates your bare feet from the concrete in a NAOT is years of developed technology which yielded support, style, and long-lasting materials.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with what’s available in comfort footwear today. But rather than overwhelm you with options you’ll be running to us for, (<insert wink face>) here’s our Shoe of the Week! Perfect for errands, summer occasions, and everything in between.


Dansko Matty

Quick & Dirty Reasons to try this Shoe of the Week.
#1 Firm, yet forgiving support throughout entire footbed using memory foam layered on top of a stiff outsole.

#2 Slight heel for style and posture – works to accent a super casual outfit.

#3 Quality leather, adjustable straps are thick and will withstand the test of time.