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The Shoe Fits

Every day, your shoes take you where you need to go. Withstanding thousands of steps a day, you rely on them to not only support you, but look good, too. You can wave goodbye to the days of comfortable footwear being off limits to young, hip women. No matter what your age, you deserve comfort.

Our footwear fits the needs of every lifestyle, accommodating even the most painful podiatric conditions:
      – Foot pronation
      – Bunions
      – Hammer toes
      – Fallen arches
      – Heel spurs
      – Plantar Fasciitis

Waldlaufer Dana

Dansko Christina

Dansko Cozette

Dansko Harmony

Waldlaufer Eliza

Waldlaufer Eliza

Waldlaufer Maya

Waldlaufer Henni

Waldlaufer Helli Combi

Dansko Franny

Dansko Julia

Dansko Franny

Cobb Hill Caroline

Cobb Hill Bethany

Cobb Hill Bethany

Keen Morrison Chelsea

Keen Howser II

Keen Kaci